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How it works

Easy steps to begin your WooCommerce order sync journey

01 Working step

Link Google Sheet

Provide the spreadsheet URL and the tab name where you want to store your products.

02 Working step

Provide Editor Access

Copy the provided ID and add that as an editor from the spreadsheet.

03 Working step

Apply the Script Code

Copy the script code and go to the extension menu of Google Sheets. Click on Apps script and paste the code there.

Embrace the future of WooCommerce inventory management

Change your WooCommerce sales order management game with powerful features


2-way order status sync

Update order status from either WordPress dashboard or Google Sheets.

Once you connect your WooCommerce store with a spreadsheet, the order status will change bidirectionally and automatically between WooCommerce and Google Sheets. WooCommerce order sync is now easier than ever.


Automatic order details export

Export WooCommerce order details automatically to the connected Google Sheets.

Your WooCommerce order details (order date, order ID, shipping details, product name, order status, order quantity, total price, payment method, order URL, discount, and customer notes) gets exported automatically to the connected spreadsheet once you activate the plugin.

Update anything about your order status

Sync and update WooCommerce order data right from your Google Sheet

Update order status

Sync product name

Sync total price

Sync order url

Sync payment & shipment

Sync customer note

Image Image Total price ImageProduct name ImageOrder URL ImageCustomer note ImageOrder status
Order status

Easily edit order status right from the Google Sheet. No need to visit back and forth through your WooCommerce dashboard to update the order status. It’s all easy and simple now.

Total price

Sync the Total price of your ordered items on Google Sheet

Product name

Sync the product names from your orders on Google Sheet

Order URL

Sync the Order URL of your product on Google Sheet. Go to your order on WooCommerce with just a click

Order url
Customer note

Sync the customer notes on Google Sheet so that you are updated about specific customer requests


Manual order import

Import WooCommerce orders with a single click.

With the “Fetch from WooCommerce” option on Google Sheets, you can manually import WooCommerce order details with a single click.


Manual order sync

Manually sync orders on WooCommerce from Google Sheets.

With the “Sync on WooCommerce” option from Google Sheets to manually sync order status with WooCommerce. WooCommerce store order management is now easier than ever.

Unique features that you don’t want to miss!

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Automatic order export

Export your WooCommerce orders on Google Sheets automatically.

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Two-directional auto sync

Enjoy bidirectional auto order data sync between WordPress dashboard and Google Sheets.

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Manual order import

Import WooCommerce order details manually with a button from Google Sheets.

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Manual order sync

Manually sync order status update from Google Sheets.

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Easy setup wizard

Setup once and forget. Our easy setup wizard will help you get started in no time.

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Format styles

Synced store data will be automatically formatted in Google Sheets.

Get ready to enjoy quick, convenient WooCommerce order management for WordPress.